"Urban Design Thinking" Workshops

A card game invented by The Street Society to unleash urban creativity

clientS: Property developpers / public organisations / associations

We designed “The Street Society Game”, a recreational and educational card and role-play game, as a collaborative tool to develop innovative urban concepts.

The intended purpose of the game is to invent future uses, places or concepts for a selected vacant space (it can be a courtyard, a warehouse, a disused building, etc). The workshop is perfect for any property owner or developer who would like to involve the surrounding community in coming up with innovative ideas to transform a space.  

For each “Urban Design Thinking” workshop, we gather 10 to 40 participants on the site that needs to be activated, and "play" for about 3 hours. The session involves creative brainstorming sessions and role playing. We then collectively ensure  that the concepts invented fit within the specific constraints and requirements of the space.

We have been getting extremely positive feedback from both participants and owners/developers. The game has so far led to brilliant, unique ideas, had a positive impact on involving the surrounding community of a forthcoming development and improved dialogue between property owners and future users.

If you would like to organise an Urban Design Thinking Workshop for a site that needs to be developed or activated, we would love to hear from you!