Betty Fox Facade Installation by r1

Public ARt

client: Propertuity

The Street Society selected and facilitated the implementation of this artwork by artist r1 on the facade of  Betty Fox warehouse, in the Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg.

As this early XXth century warehouse was being reconverted into a grocery and restaurant, we looked at ways to transform a long brick facade, which was covered by graffitis, into a creative interface. We worked with people in the neighbourhood to install and even document the installation of this project (see video below filmed by local resident Jabu Kwela), and sourced a maximum of local materials (for example, the reclaimed wood was sourced from local informal businesses).

The 120 wooden panels were treated and varnished, then rearranged into geometric shapes. The mural includes over a thousand steel industrial bolts. The length of the mural stretches over 20 meters, standing at 2,3 meters.