The Street Society is a collaborative agency promoting innovation across the fields of property development and urban transformation.

Structured around a permanent team of 6 people and a global network of 38 collaborators, our multidisciplinary team of urban thinkers and designers, writers and illustrators, creative artists and directors, provides our clients with vanguard solutions to complex urban issues.

Whether in Paris, Johannesburg, or Chicago, we've analysed emerging urban trends in the context of current social, technological and environmental evolutions, offered strategic support throughout the development of innovative property projects, and provided valuable insight and tools helping teams innovate and think outside the box.

We are instigators and pioneers with an acumen for ingenuity, here to assist in the development of transformative, inclusive urban and property projects.  

Our services include:

  • strategic advisory services for the development of urban projects

  • research on property trends (benchmark, database, publications)

  • workshops about innovation in urbanism and real estate

  • temporary activations and urban innovation labs

We have worked on projects in Paris, Johannesburg, Chicago, Vancouver and Detroit. We love to explore and get involved in new cities.

Founder| Director


Alice Cabaret is a French urban strategist with international experience in the fields of creative industrial reconversion and urban innovation.

Alice focuses her practice on the implementation of innovative urban projects including trend forecasting, spatial activations, industrial reconversions, public spaces upgrades, urban research and street art curation.

Alice holds a Master's degree in Urban Affairs from Sciences Po (Paris) and a certificate in Property Development (ESPI). She is the author of “Back to the Streets” (Wits University Press) and contributor to the Monocle Guide to Building Better Cities (Gestalten).

Alice has shared her experiences as a guest speaker with many organisations including the World Bank, New York University (NYU), Columbia University / Studio X (Rio de Janeiro), Ecole Camondo (Paris), the International Downtown Association (New York), as well as at the UIA World Congress of Architecture (Durban), the Unfinished Conference (Bucarest), the Oui Share festival (Paris), and the “Urbanist” podcast from Monocle (London).


Our Paris-based, permanent team gathers urban strategists, planners, geographers, sociologists, architects and cultural experts.


We work with architects, designers, artists, researchers and entrepreneurs on different projects around the world. Contact us on if you are interested in collaborating. 

The visuals used for the banners of this website feature the works of the following photographers and illustrators : David Higgins / Adam Birkan / Hayley Eichenbaum / Lacatusu Andrei / Malte Brandenburg. 


Our projects have been featured in the following media :

Clients & Partners

Our clients include property developers/owners/investors, municipalities and public organisations, architecture firms  and design agencies, as well as cultural stakeholders.