Kaps Koncept

Research and development 

The Street Society x Atelier berger mila

x atelier pampa x P.E.S studio

“The trust of a city street is formed over time from many, many little public sidewalk contacts... Most of it is ostensibly trivial but the sum is not trivial at all.” - Jane Jacobs

Kaps Koncept enhances the setting in which this sum of public sidewalk contacts occur, facilitating social interaction in a space that too often serves only as a monotonous place of passage. By revisiting the preconceived physical layout and architectural design of a street via a light, flexible and modular structure, we sought to allow for new users, uses, and perceptions of this space to flourish. Integrating strong environmental and smart city components into our creative mix, the result is a uniquely agile set of simple ideas, objects and proposals that, when configured in the right way, are anything but trivial.