Urban Storytelling

CREATING and expressing the vision behind your innovative property projects


While creating and expressing the vision behind a scheme is often a difficult exercise, it remains nonetheless an essential project component, on which the scheme's success is ultimately contingent. Finding the right words, illustrations, images and sounds to help bring a proposal to life can make a critical difference for the many stakeholders involved in and around a scheme. 

This is why the Street Society has developed its now highly-demanded Urban Storytelling services.

We help property developers, architects and cultural stakeholders in putting together a vision for the project they wish to undertake. We first make sure the projects fit into the site guidelines and comply with development requirements. If the project needs to be improved, we offer our urban strategy services to help co-create a new proposal. We then put together a team of writers, graphic designers, illustrators and film makers to create stunning presentation documents that help our clients achieve their goals: winning an architectural competition, acquiring a coveted site, securing development funding, etc.